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tv   America Live  FOX News  September 2, 2010 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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i haven't done that before. thanks for joining us everybody. jon: "america live" starts right now. megyn: hi, everybody, i'm megyn kelly. we begin with a fox news weather alert, big developments on the path of earl. the cat 4 storm making its last part of its approach to the east coast. it is bigger than the state of california. there are watches and warnings in effect for this moment in north carolina to the most eastern part of massachusetts. that means the storm is threatening more than 1100 miles of the east coast and 32 million people. but the big story this hour, a new forecast has ramped up concerns for new england. 19 years ago hurricane bob did serious damage to new england as a category 2 storm. the national hurricane center now says earl may pull a repeat performance. meteorologist janice dean has the breaking news live from the fox weather center.
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this is new? >> reporter: it is, and it could affect a lot more people as you mentioned, megyn, that is an incredible number. tropical force winds can knockout power to thousands of people. hurricane force winds almost a hundred miles away from the center of the storm. even if this storm does not make a direct hit on the coastal carolinas, cape hatteras or even cap cod and the islands we are still dealing with a ferocious storm that is going to affect a great deal of people. here is earl, fiona could brush bermuda this weekend. we're talking about gaston that will become a hurricane and perhaps affect the caribbean next week. category 4 storm the storm is weak evening a little bit. even if it goes down to a category 3eu9 doesn't matter. it's a major hurricane, a few miles difference is not going to mean a whole lot to folks in its
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way. satellite radar over the hrats 36 years. the storm is moving due north at 18 miles an hour. that's why we think it's going to just brush cape hatteras right now. again it doesn't matter. the outer banks are still going to feel at least tropical storm force winds for at least 12 hours. that is going to do some damage, especially along the beach. it could wash out roadways as well. you can see already the outer bands moving on the shore across macnorth carolina. norfolk, you could be feeling tropical force winds for a good deal of time too. it will be reaching far inland. we'll get a new update at 2:00. a new paot at 5:00. as we get closer to the thing moving closer to land we have to really taylor our forecast to make sure that people know what they can expect. category 4 storm as we get into the overnight, still category 4. we do think it's going to weaken
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to a 3. a major hurricane making a glancing blow to cape hatteras. still going to feel the affects. as we get into friday and saturday watch the storm move over, cape cod and the islands could have a storm with winds over a hundred miles an hour. storm surge, torrential downpours for 12, even 16, 18 hours of damage. this is going to do a lot of folks who don't normally see a storm of this magnitude in this region. megyn: we were hoping the thing would stay on the sea and not on the land and that the northeastern part of the united states would dodge that bullet. at least as of this hour it's note looking likely. >> reporter: we have to see. we call this the cone of uncertainty for a reason. the best case scenario is we have a trough moving in and it kicks the storm out to sea a little bit quicker. worst case scenario if it makes a wobble to the west and affects a huge population. megyn: all right, we are
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watching it. we'll have an update in less than an hour. j.d. thank you. state of emergency is already in effect for north carolina. tourists and locals in the outer banks under evacuation orders just ahead of the very big labor day weekend. many folks are disappointed, but they are not taking any chances. >> i've been through all the hurricanes in key west, and you don't take no chances, you don't assume. >> better to be a little disappointed rather than get washed away or something. >> you never know what flying debris you're going to get. megyn: well put. jonathan serrie is live in kill develop hills, north carolina. we saw you earlier the sky looked bluer, the wind looked quieter. what is happening now with the conditions. >> reporter: the skies are overcast and the winds are picking up. hang gliders are taking advantage of the weather. you can see that the seas are getting all the more choppy. we don't see any surfers in the water any more. people are gradually coming in
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and heading the warnings that the winds are picking up. lifeguards have posted red flags indicating no swimming is allowed because of the dangerous rip currents, megyn. megyn: what are people doing right now to prepare for the storm now that we hear it's going to come but it may not come as badly as they thought? >> reporter: people are going to gas stations, they are stocking up on supplies, going to grocery stores, buying non-perishable food. stocking up on water. those planning to stay are getting ready to hunger down and preparing in case the power goes out, megyn. megyn: they've been there many, many times before. the outer banks often is in the paths of one of these hurricanes. keep us updated, thank you. in less than an hour we will get a new forecast for hurricane earl. that is from bill reid. he will have new information on its track and strength. this is the official where to watch out for, what to watch out for and how bad the thing is going to get. less than an hour away.
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until then you can log onto for all the updates in the storm and what to expect from earl in your hometown. fox news alert, in the gulf, here we go again? an oil rig exploding off the louisiana coast. the department of homeland security now reporting the platform was not producing oil or gas. that is a good signment but we cannot yet confirm whether any oil is leaking. the coast guard reporting all 13 crew members a board the rig are safe. one man was hurt but we don't know the extent of his injuries. we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. we are awaiting a briefing right now from mideast on invoice george mitchell on the peace summit that is underway in washington at this moment. a delicate diplomatic dance taking place at the state department, with seating charts,
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carefully core kwroe graphed statements. this was the scene earlier, four people murdered by palestinian gunman, one of them a pregnant woman. what are people expecting from all of this? >> reporter: well, megyn i want to start, we are just getting details that apparently george mitchell that the talks were productive and they will begin again having talks in the region in about two weeks' time. after that they will meet every single two weeks. as you asked just now what are the big focuses here for the israelis, it is security, it is all about security. they want to even sure that any sort of deal that is reached can be ensured that they will be able to maintain security in this region. they are willing to make compromises on tricky issues like jerusalem and even land as long as that can be somehow resolved. for palestinians they want sovereignty for east jerusalem. that is a real crucial point for them. there is no optimism on the
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ground that these will go anywhere. peel don't have a lot of faith in the leaders. henry kissinger used to say you try to keep expectations so low that when there was any sort of progress, anything that moved forward it was a big surprise. so expect that, you know, where these talks takes place as well is another crucial component. usually the progress we've seen in the past with these type of talks when they've remained in secret out of the media spotlight that's when the most progress tends to take place. i hate that as a journalist but that's really when we see something happening. keep in mind u.s. pressure is absolutely key in all of this. president obama has said from his first day in office this is the foreign policy issue he wants to focus on. if he is able to push this through, man that would be a major foreign policy achievement. megyn: one so many u.s. presidents have struggled to achieve. thank you. fox news alert, word in the last half hour that the justice department has filed a lawsuit
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against arizona sheriff joe arpaio. he's the sheriff of maricopa county. according to the lawsuit he failed to cooperate with the government in a civil rights investigation. it demanded that joe arpaio hand over documents in ao case that's already pending involving alleged discrimination against hispanics, that's the accusation. the sheriff says the entire lawsuit is focused on his immigration sweeps, a practice he says washington just simply doesn't like. he feels targeted. justices gave joe arpaio until august 17th to hand over the documents. now there appears to be a standoff. significant new poll numbers today from the state of arizona. one month after sb1070 the new immigration law went into effect an overwhelming majority of arizona citizens, 81% now support the provision requiring police to demand papers from folks they stop lawfully to prove that they are here in this country legally. trace gallagher live in our west coast newsroom. trace that number i think is the
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biggest we've seen so far. it was at 70% now it's at 81. >> reporter: because the numbers are so surprising, megyn i want to set the table here. the numbers come from the arizona state university's morrison institute of public policy. it bills itself as a objective research think tank. we went back and looked and historically they have been very evenhanded. they polled 614 registered voters between july 16th and august 6th, very important because they polled before judge susan bolton made her decision to blocky parts of the arizona law as well as after that. again, they overwhelmingly polled democrats, the majority of those polled in this were democrats which makes it so surprising. the first numbers as you showed, 81% of those polled approve of requiring people to provide documents that show they are legal. again those of most democrats. the next one 73% believe police should be able to detain anyone who cannot verify their
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immigration status. and the last one, 68% think police should be allowed to question anyone thought to be in this country illegally. now those who conducted the poll said they were surprised by the numbers, surprised there was so much agreement on both sides of the aisle. but those who protested the arizona law say this is a very good example that people are not paying attention to the constitution. listen. >> to me it demonstrates a lack of capacity of so much of this state to understand what civil liberties are all about, what our independence is all about. >> reporter: so mr. bustamante is saying people don't get the constitution. he acknowledges he's very surprised by the up particular in these numbers. megyn: one of the country's top political forecasters making stunning predictions about the midterm elections today.
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we will speak with howard dean's campaign manager joe trippi about why these numbers may cause concerns for both parties. and a doctor's note can usually help you get out of work. this doctor's note is designed to get some democrats out of office. we'll talk with a physician behind it. and new details today on the gunman behind the frightening hostage ordeal you saw unfold right her on "america live" yesterday. amazing moments you did not get to see as we watched this drama together. tylenol 8 hour lasts 8 hours. but aleve can last 12 hours. and aleve was proven to work better on pain than tylenol 8 hour. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? good, how are you? [ male announcer ] aleve. proven better on pain.
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the monster category 4 storm is threatening more than 1100 miles of coastline along the eastern seaboard. a lot of people's livelihoods and labor day weekend plans will depend on what this thing goes. we got a new track forecast that could mean more serious concerns, in particular for big parts of new england. there are watches and warnings in effect from north carolina to massachusetts, again just as soon as the new information comes out, less than 45 minutes from now ph- we will bring that to you -- from now, we will bring that to you right here on "america live." well some staggering new projections about just how big of a power shift we could see from the upcoming midterm elections now just 60 days away. the historically 98% accurate university of virginia center for politics is now forecasting as many as 47 seats in the house could go from blue to red in november. republicans only need 39 to gain control.
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it says 8 to 9, possibly even ten senate seats will go to the gop. they need ten to gain control. up to 8 governor's races will go to the republicans, that is up from six a couple months ago. joe trippi is the former campaign manager for howard dean and a fox news contributor. joe your thoughts on those numbers from larry sabadeau. he cheers for no one, he says he is nonpartisan. he has a 98% accuracy race in calling races and he's predicting bad rates for democrats when it comes to november. your thoughts on it, joe. all right doesn't appear that joe can hear me. we are going to work on that ha audio because the interview works so much better when the guest can actually hear the anchor. i could sit here and pontificate myself all day long but who wants to listen to that. do we have joe? it's just d.c. it's in the fox
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megyn: let's try this again. joe trippi is the former campaign manager for howard dean and a fox news contributor. joe, can you hear me? >> reporter: yes, i can, megyn. megyn: the magic of television. we fall down but we pick ours back up, joe. what i was asking you about is larry sabato's latest projection. he claims he has a 98% accuracy in terms of calling the races. sweeping set blacks, congressional slaughter he says when it comes to the democratic results this november. what say you about it. >> reporter: larry has been pretty accurate, one of the most accurate over the years. i've known him for a longtime. so i would take it pretty seriously. we are still a long ways out. obviously -- megyn: are we?
1:23 pm
>> reporter: democrats are in trouble. yes, i mean things can change pretty dramatically. i don't know what that would be, enthusiasm i think we can't discount them. but yes, look the house is in jeopardy and potentially the senate. i don't think any of us democrats thought that was going to be the case two or three months ago. clearly as we get down to the wire here it's looking like the house and the senate could go down if things don't change. one of the things that could change, megyn is all of these alarm bells ringing. there's been low interest and energy on the democratic side. with these alarm bells ring you could get an increase in democratic turn out as people start to worry about maybe the republicans taking over. things can change, 60 days or so is a long way off in this business, i know that. we'll just see where things go. yes i think larry could be right. megyn: megyn: that's one of the things he talked about to explain his projections, he says there is a huge enthusiasm and the
1:24 pm
republican side and weak enthusiasm eupl on the democratic side and the midterm elections don't get that high a turn out. you raise a good point if the democratic enthusiasm changes the numbers could change. he talks about his projections and charlie waobg is the other guru in washington that both sides look to for projections. they talk about how conditions severely deteriorated for the democrats over the summer, and they downward lea justed their numbers over the summer. cook is saying up to 70 seats that the democrats hold in the house could be in danger, and it was only 58 in june, which is still a large number. he's going up and up and up. they both say the conditions over the summer worsened things for the dems. why? what was it about the summer? >> reporter: i think first of all expectations were raised. the obama administration sort of talked about the summer of recovery, and that clearly hasn't materialized. there was hope that's been
1:25 pm
dashed there. i don't think the economic news is going to change much between now and november, and even if it did, you know, if the economy turned around tomorrow it takes people at home several months to feel that. so i don't think even if it did turn tomorrow that they would feel it in time for the elections. that is making things very tough for democrats in november, a very tough situation, even stuffer. megyn: what happens if there is -- forget these numbers. i mean as most people predict there are definitely going to be seats that turn from democrat to republican in both the house and the senate. what do the democrats and president obama do with that message, joe, do they change the way they are governing, turn away from big government which seems to be one of the themes of people who are objecting to the current policies raise? what do they do? >> reporter: clearly we've had a tough time getting things passed even with the majorities we have in the senate and the house. and that is going to deteriorate. there is no way that anybody
1:26 pm
would argue that. so as you go into a new congress and a new senate, it's going to have to be compromise. we are going to have to have democrats and republicans working together to get anything passed. the problem right now is you can't. john boehner calling on geithner and summers to resign it's kind of a campaign stunt, a brilliant one, but still a stunt. that's all that will happen between now and november. we as a country have to hope that after november with these diminished majorities that the two parties can actually find some common ground to answer some of the problems that are plaguing the problem right now. megyn: do you think that sabato and cook and some on the republican side that are doing this may be over playing their hands? they also say that the democratic congressional campaign committee, that is the group that helps democrats get elected in congress has $17 million more than its counterparts in the republican party, and so they've got more
1:27 pm
dough. >> reporter: i think the money will make a difference in some races, but $16 million across 435 seats isn't a lot -- isn't that big an advantage. they will i think be able to pick off seats where they target and try to save somebody or help a challenger against a republican incumbent. i expect some republicans to go out the window, incumbents to go out the window. that in the end could help, because this could turn out to be a flood gate of anti-incumbent, anti-washington, democrats losing more but republicans losing some. the committee having more money will help in a few places. with the wave that is coming and the kind of -- if it's getting up to 60, 70 seats as charlie cooks pointed out, could be, there isn't enough money advantage on the democratic side to bl u.n. t all those. megyn: let me ask you this question before i let you go.
1:28 pm
obviously the economy is not helping the democrats and that is clear from the polls and from these guys. i want to ask you as somebody who is in the know how badly do you think the healthcare law has hurt the democrats going into the midterms. >> reporter: i think it's hurt. at the time it was clear to me and a lot of democrats that the president was putting politics in the polling aside and doing what he thought was best by pushing that law through and working so hard on it. i think several democrats put their careers on the line because they thought it was the right thing to do. that is, you know, what happens when you lead with a bill that is not popular with the american people, and whatever changes that are going to happen in terms of whatever thing with healthcare is going to improve for people, they are not going to feel it for several years, if at all, if they recognize the change. so it was a short-term push for something democrats have been fighting for for 40 years. but it could be a big disadvantage in november for a
1:29 pm
lot of these candidates. megyn: president obama now famously said, that's what elections are for. joe trippi always interesting hearing your insights thank you for being here. >> reporter: thanks for having me. megyn: the immigration debate is becoming a big issues in governor races across the country. the sabato report says the gop is possibly going to get 8 governorships. those are important in terms of redistricting. immigration becoming central to those debay. we are told that more than 20 states are now considering laws similar to the one passed in arizona. so, what does that mean? we'll have an examination coming up. plus, a nice night soaking in the hot tub lands one oregon man in jail. we'll tell you what this man did that should be a lesson on why 911 is truly only for emergencies. >> somebody said if they heard you talking about shooting somebody. do you have a weapon on you?
1:30 pm
>> i got fingers that are so numb and turned into prunes, even if i did have a gun i don't think i could hold onto it right now.
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megyn: welcome back, folks, 1:33 in the east and the winds from hurricane earl are now building through the carolinas. we are track being the watches and the warnings along more than 1100 miles of the east coast. earl right now is a category 4, that is huge with winds topping 155 miles an hour.
1:34 pm
that could cause major damage, of course, obviously to homes, including downed trees and flooding. craig boswell is in north carolina. craig, what is the latest there. >> reporter: good afternoon to you megyn, yes, it's starting to get more blustery as the day wears on. the outer bands of the storm starting to brush up along the outer banks here. what they are telling us they are expecting 10 to 15 feet breaking waves with this storm. a 2 to 4-foot storm surge and a couple of inches of rain and that is the big deal here with the rain and the storm surge, why so many people were evacuated quickly yesterday. about 30 to 33,000 people off hatteras island. people off ocracoke only accessible by fairy. some of these places are only accessible by one road in one road out. it took us two hours when we got into the evacuation on nags
1:35 pm
head. it won't be a total wash out as this will move up. it's not expected to be a direct hit but it certainly will mess up a couple of days for businesses around herement environmentally it's an issue, hotels and homes and businesses have less sand between them and the water. it takes a toll on people leave leaving here who came here for vacation. i talked to one young lady who came here for her daughter's wedding, they had to cancel that. they are going back to maryland and the newlyweds are going on a vacation instead of a honeymoon. megyn: they canceled the whole wedding, why not move it inside. >> reporter: they certainly did. even though the category 4 was only to brush the outer banks they decided they didn't want to mess about it. megyn: i have suspicions about that marriage. thanks, craig, i appreciate it. what do i know, i'm just saying. the big threat now is in new england, that's the headline within the last hour and a half. hurricane bob hit new england in
1:36 pm
1991, look at these pictures from bob. they looked like this. the storm slipped long island, new york before it made landfall in rhode island as a cat 2. towns in massachusetts and connecticut recorded wind gusts up to 125 miles an hour. this video is from the young of yarmouth, massachusetts. the storm killed 18 people and caused around $1.5 billion in damage. that's why we take these hurricanes so very seriously. we are awaiting the next tracking and strength update for hurricane earl. you'll see it right here on "america live" when the national hurricane center spokesman bill reid will have the very latest forecast in less than a half an hour. until then you can log onto for all the latest weather updates. full coverage of hurricane earl. the feds hope to discourage other states from following arizona's lead when the feds filed a lawsuit challenging arizona's new immigration law. how is that working exactly? well today candidates for
1:37 pm
governor in more than 20 states are making a new push for laws styled after arizona's. and many go even further than arizona's law actually hoping to make it harder for illegals to live, work and gain access to benefits in their states. mike gallagher, fox news contributor, rob thompson a radio talk show host both are my guests now. mike, what does that tell us is there a backlash now? do you think the feds and their sort of protection of illegals approach is doing more harm than good? >> i mean, megyn the feds are up against the whole country. this is just proof positive. i've been saying this for five years, that the single issue that ignites americans is the problem of illegal immigration. it has been tentacles. it impacts national security, the economy, and so i think now finally here in the nearly fall of 2010 the country has woken up
1:38 pm
and is saying, no mass, we are not going to put up with it, and arizona was right, obama and the feds are out of touch with what the american people want to do and we are going to continue to see a hurricane to borrow your earlier story reef sentment over the lacks immigration laws we've had and we want enforcement and steutsz around the country are going to start doing what arizona has done. it's a new down and we are seeing it every day. megyn: there are 37 governor races going on right now. in 20-plus a law has been proposed and backed by candidates that is equal too or more stringent than arizona's. what do you say about that, what does it tell us? >> it tells us several things. first of all it tells us that mike now learns a little bit of spanish, i'm glad he does living in dallas, no, ma s-rbg, thank you very much. all the people on the east coast as earl heeds your way, we are
1:39 pm
all with you. as we look at the gubinatorial elections this is straight out of a playbook. jan brewer grabbed tracks with her law, we know it's unconstitutional and it will not past muster. it's showed the high energized tea party types to see who can one up themselves. who are we afraid of the most? let's look at the immigrants. we'll create a bit of fear. we are going to fabricate and manipulate the news to make sure we are very afraid of these people, they are going to take your job and loot and pillage while they are around you. let's come up with a slogan like anchor babies, that sounds scary enough, that will get us elected. they are going to leave babies behind so that they can take advantage of all of the care that is possible. it is out of the playbook that we've seen from the republican party for years and years. >> we -- americans aren't buying what you're selling any more,
1:40 pm
rob. you guys have tried to narrative that us evil republicans want to demon nicize people of color. we know there are thousands of people coming here to have babies on american soil so they can get their foothold in the american way of life without following the rules. rob you guys are corrupt in terms of embracing the lawlessness that is illegal immigration. these gubinatorial candidates are hearing the people and rejecting this tired old narrative, this victimization thing you guys on the left come up with. it's not going to work any more, rob you've got to sing another tune. megyn: let me just ask you this. it's not just the republicans who are running for governor who are touting laws like arizona. take judge where roy barnes has endorsed an arizona-style law. in massachusetts both the republican and independent are pushing an arizona-style law. we've seen it in several states across the country not just the red states. it's not just sort of the evil republicans as you point out
1:41 pm
it's also i guess the evil democrats and evil dependents that more and more saver an -- indianindependents that are mord more going for this law. >> when you're running in a primary you have to one up the person you're running against. if one person says ao*eupl anti-immigration, not only are you anti-immigration, i'm anti-them getting driver's licenses. i'm anti-spending more money that we absolutely don't have. megyn: i want you guys to weigh in on this. i think this issue has gotten so heated and it's obviously in the wake of arizona's immigration law, which brings me back to my original question, mike, is would this be a national issue if the department of justice had just left it alone? the latest poll that we got out of cbs news shows that 73% of the country either thinks the arizona law is about right, or thinks it doesn't go far enough.
1:42 pm
73% of the country. my question is again, did the doj, did the feds' attempt to raise this as a national issue wind up backfiring on the democrats? >> i think we are seeing that, megyn. i think if the justice department had left arizona alone. listen, rob and his side can scream about the unconstitutionality of trying to establish if somebody is a legal resident of this country or not all they want. people know what the arizona law says, they've learned it, they've read it. they know if there is a traffic stop and you can't produce your documents, guess what, you're going to be turned over to the feds, that's the way it ought to be. yes i think in a big way the obama administration shot itself in the foot by making a big federal case out of this. if they let arizona alone it wouldn't have reached the level of volatility it has. americans are angry, americans recent the heck out of the lawsuit in arizona and it has backfired. megyn: we had joe trippi acknowledging that people are ticked off about the healthcare law. are they also maybe ticked off
1:43 pm
about the arizona lawsuit? >> if they are ticked off about the arizona lawsuit we have a significant problem. the federal government did exactly what they did, they went in and defended the constitution. that's what the federal government is supposed to do. jan brewer new exactly what she was doing. this was a political maneuver to gain tracks in her own state in a very poorly run state at that. let's not blame the rest of the country's anger on immigration on arizona that is an entirely different issue. >> did you notice i had pink eye today. i'm doing this with pink eye, sacrificing for you guys. megyn: so glad you are not in the studio. all the best, feel better, mike. megyn: next time you go to the doctor's office and mike will be there soon you may get more information than just your blood pressure. up next you'll meet a doctor behind the new push to dump the healthcare overhaul, and then there is in.
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a healthy immune system, and a real difference in your cat. purina one improved with smartblend. discover what one can do. megyn: fox news alert out of the gulf, governor bobby jindal of louisiana is holding a news conference right now on the oil rig that exploded off the louisiana coast. we believe one person was injured, none were killed. now we understand the platform was not producing oil or gas. what is the extent of the damage? is there any leak, let's listen to the governor. >> we were told by the coast guard the maximum production capacity was 1800 barrels a day. the company told us they had been averaging 1400 barrels a day. this platform is located about 340 feet of water making it a shallow water platform. there have been initial reports of a scene one nautical mile by a hundred feet. we got contradictory assessments
1:48 pm
that they actually didn't see a sheen. we got initial reports that there has been seen a sheen one nautical mile by a hundred feet. there are two pipelines to shore, one goes to shell, they report they have not received a production out of this pipeline for some months now. the other one goes to a & r, this one has been active. there is a vessel called the candy apple with firefighting capabilities on site. admiral andrews says the coast guard will obviously take the lead on pollution response. captain stapbt ton is the point person to even sure that any firefighting plan that they execute does not worse even the work to shut off the production. admiral landry reassured us there are assets in place. megyn: is oil leaking or not. a sheen in the water. we will bring you the news as we get it from louisiana's governor bobby jindal. a political prescription from
1:49 pm
thousands of doctors who are posting a note in their waiting rooms around the country now, warning patients that democrats who say they will try to quote, fix the unpopular healthcare law if they are reelected are engaged in a political ruse. that letter reads in part, quote please remember when you vote this november that unless the democratic party receives a strong negative message about this power grab our healthcare system will never be fixed, and the doctor-patient relationship will be ruined forever. dr. hal shurd is the president of docs for patient care. there are around 3,000 people in your group. you say you are nonpartisan but that sounds like a partisan message. >> well, megyn it would sound like a par partisan message exct that that's all that we have right now. i take care of republicans, i take care of democrats.
1:50 pm
what this really is about is the ability for doctors to take care of patients and for doctors and patients to remain in control of healthcare decision making. right now what we've got with obamacare is not really a system where doctors are going to be able to be in control of healthcare decision making once this gets fully implemented. it will be the secretary of health and human services that determines the protocols that i and my colleagues are able to participate -- are able to follow through with if we want to participate in the healthcare insurance exchanges, which is what every single american is going to be compelled to be part of if they are not receiving government healthcare from medica or medicaid. megyn: a couple of questions i want to get through with you. you say that the reason, one of the chief reasons you are doing this is because you believe that this is literally a life and death matter for millions of americans. really?
1:51 pm
i mean is that hyperbole, doctor? how is it a life or death matter. >> we know from the british healthcare system, for example that patients are not receiving their healthcare in a -- megyn: the doc can't talk right now, you have to call him back. keep talking dr. scherz. >> i'm on call i'm sorry. the patients in england have to wait months, if not years for treatment. that won't happen here with the person in charge with medicare immediatmedicaid system. the leader ever immediate care -- immediate care is in charge of that. once we have a system pwr- where the government is deciding what treatments are going to be acceptable and which ones are
1:52 pm
not, is that life and death? is it life and death when they are able to withhold cancer-saving drugs for example because they are too expensive? i think it is life and death. megyn: do you expect push back from the american medical association, the ama because they came out after a florida urologist placed a sign outside of his office making it clear that he didn't want people who voted for president obama he came out and said the following. they said physicians m wonder whether it's appropriate to express political views to patients or their families and they said physicians should conduct political communications with sensitivity to patient's vulnerability and desire for privacy. you viewed that as a warning from the ama that you better keep your mouth shut when it comes to political positions on this healthcare law. you have a few thousand doctors with you on this. do you expect that now 0. >> we have 3500 doctors now in docs for patient care and we are putting it in their offices. we are reaching out to patients across the country through
1:53 pm
various outlets to get their doctors to post this letter if they don't have it in their offices already. will we get push back from doctors? of course we will. there are doctors who are on the left side of this issue and there are doctors on the right and in the middle. what this really comes down to is ideology, who should be in charge of healthcare decisions, should it be the government or doctors and patients. that's what this is all about. what we are doing is simply giving patients an opportunity to learn more about healthcare because they are not getting this on mainstream media or in mainstream news outlets. and so i think that doctors who are dialed in, who are informed who know what's coming down the road have an obligation to their patients to share that information with them. megyn: your real beef, obviously this has already become law, your real beef is with the candidates who claim, put me back in office because i promise i'm going to fix the law that you don't like, public, trust me i'll take care of it. you say it's going to be cosmetic fixes and people shouldn't listen to those candidates. >> absolutely. we've learned through this whole
1:54 pm
entire escapade that democrats who voted against this bill are going to try to get political cover, but ultimately -- who voted for the bill are going to try to get political cover and say that they are against obamacare, and they are going to fix what is wrong with it, because they recognize that there are problems with this obamacare bill. but when they get back to washington they are just going to vote again with nancy pelosi and with steni hau erbs r and all the other left sided democrats in their party that are going to pressure them to vote one way. this will never get fixed. megyn: what has been the patient reaction so far? >> overwhelmingly in favor of this letter. i get emails every single day thanking me for doing this. i get letters from doctors as well. i get letters from doctors on the other side of the issue who think that government-run healthcare is the way to go,
1:55 pm
because they are angry with the way things are right now with insurance companies, and i'll be the first to admit that that is a big problem that needs to be fixed. but government-run healthcare is not the answer. megyn: understood. this doctor is a pediatric surgeon. he's also on the faculty of emory university medical schools. somebody is trying to reach you doctor, we will let you go. thank you for coming on. >> thank you. megyn: just getting word that hurricane earl is expected to pass the outer banks of income as a powerful cat 3 storm. we are minutes away from hearing the latest forecast from the national hurricane center. and you have got to see this. >> and when the security guy came and said we've got to leave, got to leave right away and i was trying to keep up with everyone, one of my colleagues, she put me on her back, literally put me on her back and took me.
1:56 pm
megyn: in moments we will hear directly from people who lived this dramatic scene yesterday. you and i watched it unfold together, these babies being pulled out in their cribs from the daycare center, out of the discovery channel headquarters in maryland. hostages were taken and mothers s were left frantic trying to reach their babies, wondering if they were in harm's way. fiber one chewy bar. how'd you do that? do what? you made it taste like chocolate. it has 35% of your daily value of fiber. tasty fiber, that's a good one! ok, her mind. [ male nouncer ] fiber one chewy bars.
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♪ [ upbeat instrumental ] [ rattling ] [ gasps ] [ rattling ] [ laughing ] [ announcer ] close enough just isn't good enough. if your car is in an accident, - [ laughing continues ] make sure it's repaired with the right replacement parts. travelers. take the scary out of life.
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[ but aleve can last 12 hours. tylenol 8 hour lasts 8 hours. and aleve was proven to work better on pain than tylenol 8 hour. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? good, how are you? [ male announcer ] aleve. proven better on pain. megyn: hurricane earl expected to hit the outer banks of north carolina as a powerful category 3 hurricane. forecasters say it is charting a new course for the most ominous
2:00 pm
storm to threaten the eastern seaboard in decades. looking at winds twoing 125 miles per hour -- winds topping 125 miles per hour. long island and cape cod could wind up taking a significant hit. we are going to check in with the national hurricane center on the latest. let's go directly there now. >> earl is a category 3 hurricane. maximum winds have weakened a little bit. still moving to the north at 18 miles an hour, it's 245 miles south of cape hatteras, north carolina. indications from the reconnaissance aircraft is the maximum winds are decreasing but the went field appears to be expanding. as the center of early passes to the east of cape hatteras we expect strong winds to impact the outer banks, hurricane-force winds will likely occur along
2:01 pm
the outer banks sometime this evening. tropical storm are force winds will reach the coast later this afternoon. what we are expecting after that is for earl to accelerate to the northeast and pass very close to cape cod, eastern massachusetts. a hurricane warning is in effect for this area as well as portions of north carolina. also new at 2:00, the canadian hurricane center has put up a hurricane watch for portions of nova scotia. what we are expecting in terms of impacts in the hurricane warning area, storm surge of 3-5 feet in the have it o in the vie outer banks in north carolina. this has been the 2:00 p.m. update. megyn: looking as we predicted at the top of the 1:00 p.m. show. hurricane-force winds beginning
2:02 pm
along the outer banks much north carolina. after that saying the storm will accelerate to new england saying lit come, quote, very close to cape cod. and that a hurricane warning is now a warning now, not a watch. is in effect for that area. expecting a storm surge of 3-5 feet. not only in massachusetts, not only in north carolina, but up to massachusetts, 3-5-feet storm surge. so earl now a category 3 storms which is big. and dangerous. and we are watching that on the east coast of the united states throughout the day into tomorrow waiting to see how it may impact millions of americans. we'll have an june date from our own meteorologist in just a bit to interpret that further. the bustling shorelines of new jersey and long island leaving jam packed beaches barren for
2:03 pm
the busiest weekend of the summer. >> we sent out an alert message alerting residents to the steps we are taking and reminding them of the storm and start putting away any kind of loose objects on the property that could blow around and become hazards. >> things are being blown away now. they are digging over and building like a wall of sand. and just so the wave didn't come in and hit these apartments. megyn: these hurricanes are obviously an inconvenience and a matter of safety, for some matter of life and death. but they are also an economic threat. power crews are tying up loose ends. shelters are being set up to house evacuees. for all the updates on hurricane earl as well as your latest forecast, you can go to our web site at any time.
2:04 pm
in the gulf the coast guard reporting that a mile-long oil slick can be seen spreading from the site of that burning platform in the coast. the oil rig that exploded off the louisiana coast just a couple hours ago -- the good news was all 13 crew members onboard that rig are safe. one man was hurt. we don't know the extent of his injuries. but no fatalities. it does appear they have spotted isle leaking into the waters. more on that as we get it. investigators are going through the discovery channel building near washington, d.c. hoping to uncover new evidence of a bizarre four-hour hostage standoff that played out live on our air yesterday. police are learning more about james lee, the man s.w.a.t. teams shot and killed as he held and threatened three people who were his hostages. catherine herridge live in washington. she was live on the scene for
2:05 pm
most of the day yesterday. the people taken hostage went back into that building to work today? >> reporter: they opens up discovery communications to let people back into the building briefly and to address the employees. people left behind a lot of their belongings and cars in the garage that ultimately became the exit route for them. the investigation is focused on that lobby area where james lee was yesterday with his three hostages. he has three weapons, two guns and explosives strapped to his chest. today we are learning what happened when they tried to evacuate the building. let's listen to shelly fletcher as she describes the heroism of her colleagues. >> he put me on his back and took me -- [inaudible]
2:06 pm
co-workers actually. took me down the stairs to evacuate us out of the building. >> reporter: shelley fletcher had a cast on her leg and was having a hard time getting out of office. two of her colleagues picked her up and carried her on their backs. they lift her up and helped carry her out of the building. megyn: what more do we know about the gunmen? >> reporter: what is clear to me is he had a long history with the discovery channel an was well known to many of the employees there if not the managemanagers. in 2008 he was prosecuted for the demonstration outside the building. he had a $500 fine and 6 months probation. but this did not diminish his anger towards discovery
2:07 pm
communications. one of the questions i have today is whether discovery would have been banned from taking extra actions to teach him a certain distance from the perimeter. megyn: good yes. i'm sure they will be asking it. catherine herridge, thanks so much. defense secretary robert gates arriving in afghanistan. his arrival coming with a sober reminder. nato saying two american troops died today in fighting in southern and eastern afghanistan. james rosen streaming live in a fox news exclusive. james? >> reporter: greetings from afghanistan where minutes ago defense secretary gates completed a news conference with president karzai in which the secretary confirmed a nato air
2:08 pm
strike targeted and killed a suspected terrorist. some reports also say that the taliban commander and toanter inyou are -- and 10 other insurgents were also killed. president karzai said most of those killed were civilians working for a prominent local politician who was also injured. secretary gates met with his top commanders once he got on the ground here this afternoon, including general david petraeus. one of the fiercest battles in recent months was a fight for a city called marjah, a taliban stronghold in the helmand province. u.s. and nato forces and other countries deployed 10,000 troops in february to clear the taliban out of marjah. allied commanders consider that campaign a success. in a meeting with reporters, general petraeus expressed concern about recent attempts by the taliban to reassert itself
2:09 pm
in marjah. >> there is no question but that the taliban is fighting back. the taliban tries to infiltrate. does seek to employ night letters and use intimidation. >> reporter: president obama has set a deadline of july 2011. at that time some number of u.s. forces are going to begin with drawing from afghanistan. the secretary and others say it will be based on conditions on the ground. general petraeus said sit could be just a couple thousand troops that start coming home in 2011. a member of the joints chiefs of staff, said publicly that that july 2011 time line is quote giving sustenance to the enemy. in my exclusive interview with secretary gates conducted in
2:10 pm
baghdad, i asked him about these remarks. whether the joint chiefs of staff seem to misunderstood what 2011, july is all about. >> he's entitled to his professional military opinion. i don't think you have heard the other chiefs or chairman say that. >> reporter: today's trip to afghanistan is the second stop for this unannounced stop by secretary gates. he was in iraq to mark the formal end of u.s. combat missions there. secretary gates said with the invasion of iraq, afghanistan became a second-tier priority for men, money and equipment. and that is no longer the case. we saw d.o.d. ship 20,000 vehicles from iraq to afghanistan. the fight is on in earnest. megyn: america's largest labor
2:11 pm
union is pledging tens of millions of dollars to help democrats hold their seats in november. think they will want something in return? a horrifying crash caught on tape. the guy on the bike flipping head or heels and it's going to have a major impact on a major football game this weekend. plus little bit of love goes a long way for this guy. hot chocolate, a hot tub and the 911 call you have got to hear to believe. >> are you sure you didn't need any medical help starting at this point? >> i need a hug and a warm cup of hot chocolate. i got into one of the best schools in t country!
2:12 pm
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2:14 pm
megyn: fox news alert. we are seaing the seas build and the winds pick up as hurricane earl starts to hit the outer banks of north carolina as a
2:15 pm
category 3 storm. look at this beach. this is the beach jonathan serrie reported from just an hour ago. it didn't look like this. it's threatening coastline along the eastern seaboard. these are pictures from kill devil hills, north carolina. there could be more serious concerns for big parts of new england. they were saying this will come very close to cape cod, a hurricane warning is now in effect for that area saying expect storm surges from 3-5 feet. in north carolina up to perhaps massachusetts and of 6 inches of rain in north carolina. it will come four any and quickly. we are watching it live for you throughout the hour. organized labor is set to extend mega bucks to keep democrats in control of congress. the head of the nation's largest organized labor group pledging
2:16 pm
$40 million just from his union and several omer large unions are offering help as well. do you think the unions will want some payback? and what does that mean for the rest of our pocketbooks? michelle malkin author of "culture of corruption." $40 million from the afl-cio. they are saying it could be up to $150 million spent by big labor on a mid-term election. what will they expect in return? >> they will want much more for all of the bennys that they have already gone the, much more than they have already gotten. i understand there are some grievances among big labor. they haven't gotten their huge legislative agenda item. the card check act will make it harder more non-union members to
2:17 pm
resist collective bargaining agreements. the labor unions are hungering for more and more members to beef up their payroll. the fdiu was the big heavien the labor scene. put in some $60 million to elect barack obama and the democrat ruling majority. they came out quite well. it wasn't gist the fact that andy stern had a permanent residence at the white house. you look at the white house appoint thes. kathleen sebelius, the health secretary and hilda slis. andy stern the former president and anna berger had cozy appointments on presidential commissions, not to mention the many executive orders that were labor friendly as well as former
2:18 pm
seiu attorney craig becker who got recess appointed to the national labor relations board. megyn: i wanted to ask you what does that mean? what will it mean to the average american if the unions increase their power in washington? what they said yesterday, people are looking for economic patriotism. they want economic patriotism which reminded me something our vice president said back in 2008 on good morning america. listen to what joe biden said. >> we want to take money and put it back in the pocket of middle class people. it's time to be patriotic, time to jump in. time to be part of the deal. time to help get america out of the rut. the way to do that is -- they will still pay less tax than they paid under reagan.
2:19 pm
your answer, michelle? >> what does that mean? they seem to be on the same page about this economic patriotism. >> what this translates to is what joe the plumber understood during the 2008 campaign, these labor-friendly policies are redistribution of wealth. if only it were true that pursuing these big labor policies meant more in the pockets boosks ordinary working class and middle class people. of course, that's not true if you look at how failing to extend the bush tax cuts will hit far more people than the super wealthy and the fat cats. the only fat cats doing really well, many of these big labor fat cats. if you look at union pensions, they are underfund. our average rank and file member is not making out as well as all
2:20 pm
these washington big labor bosses are doing. this is one of the most uncovered developments. a grassroots bottom up revolt by rank and file union members who are completely disconnected politically and meckall -- and t there any more. you have the rise of richard trunka who has a sordid record record. megyn: they say the gop is antiworker. a vote for the democrats is for the working people. a vote for the republicans is for corporate greed. they pose this one, an unemployed member says i'm on track to make a third of what i
2:21 pm
made last year. we need to elect guys who support guys like my dad and not the super wealthy. that's their message. unions, the democrats care about the working people. the republicans care about the corporate fat cats and not the middle class. >> if you look behind and beneath that class war demagoguery, you will see. i hear it all the time. during the bashing of arizona with the immigration enforcement law. i heard from l.a. county government workers who were innocences that their hard earned dues money was going to pay for busses to go to the rallies in arizona. the unions never wanted to talk about this. many union members are opting out. there are legal processes by
2:22 pm
which members can make sure their dues money is not spent on political purposes. that's happening more and more around the country. megyn: they are targeting 70 house races and it could be up to 70 democratic house seats that are in jeopardy. thanks so much for being here. she is accustomed to walking past the velvet ropes. but she was recently charged with carrying cocaine. white lines, rope lines and possible tough times. plus -- police warned him. he didn't listen. but did they need to tase this senior citizen three times for trying to go to sleep inside of his own home? does he look like a threat to you? a must-see on "kelly's court."
2:23 pm
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2:27 pm
the moderator of the debate put her on the spot about that. >> you do suggest that we overturn row v wade. >> if there was an opportunity. the reason information that is because i'm a strong beliefer in state's rights. i think voters have to make some of these difficult decisions. >> if my opponent's views prevailed. doctors and women would be criminals and they would die like they did before row v wade. >> reporter: we have barbara
2:28 pm
boxer leading carly fiorina by just one point. as for the debate last night. most people are saying this was a draw. they are saying perhaps bash what boxer got a few more shuffles. but carly fiorina proved herself to be a competent challenger. these are two very different candidates. they have polar opposite opinions on so many issues, and there is going to be one more debate before the november election. megyn: you know what is so interesting to me is they are both strong, powerful, accomplished women. one is a diehard democrat and makes no apologies for her left wing opinions and the same can be said on the right side for the other one. they even look a little alike. you don't see that every day, two strong powerful women fighting for a nomination to the
2:29 pm
united states senate. a little more than an hour ago families were playing on this beach. when jonathan serrie was on america's newsroom. hurricane earl is coming awfully close. it is right now a cat 3 and it's getting more and more fierce every moment. we'll have much more right after this break. paris hilton is persona none grata at some of her favorite spots. what good is it being in a hot tub if you can't share the with anyone. what this guy did that landed him in hot water with police. >> they said they heard you talking about shooting somebody. do you have a weapon? >> i have got fingers so numb and turning to prunes.
2:30 pm
even if i did have a gun i wouldn't be able to hold on to it. orrance? is a bird in the hand worth 2 in the bush? appraiser: well you rarely see them in this good of shape. appraiser: for example the fingers are perfect. appraiser: the bird is in mint condition. appraiser: and i would say if this were to go to auction today, appraiser: conservatively it would be worth 2 in the bush. woman: really? appraiser: it's just beautiful, thank you so much for bringing it in. woman: unbelievable anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
2:31 pm
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2:33 pm
megyn: fox news alert. we are getting updated information on hurricane earl. that storm measuring a category 3. we have live pictures from north carolina in the upper right. we have winds upwards of 125 miles an hour. it also appears to be changes course posing a growing threat
2:34 pm
to long island, cape cod and eastern massachusetts. continue watching this thing today. there is more trouble for paris hilton in the wake of her drug arrest last weekend. the celebrity banned from two swanky resorts. here is the mugshot from her latest arrest. she apparently spent the day at spa. they found nearly a gram of cocaine on the heiress following a traffic stop. trace gallagher has the latest live from our west coast newsroom. >> reporter: while he was being investigated for dui paris was walked inside the wynne hotel, her lynns were chopped and she reached into her bag for lipgloss. and out popped a bag of cocaine
2:35 pm
into the officer's hand. she has been barred from the wynne hotel and barred from its sister property encore resort. her boyfriend, he's also been band from those hotels and was fired from the wynn where he worked in the club there. we just made a call. we think she is still welcome at hilton hotel but we are unclear about that. we are checking, though. megyn: that's the next one to go. thanks, trace. it was passed with noble intentions, designed to make life easier for disabled americans. but sometimes good intentions go bad. stossel with some pitfalls you never knew about in the americans with disabilities act. >> the idea of helping disabled people is natural, and it's natural to think that a law that specifically requires they be
2:36 pm
accommodated would be a good thing. but what i have learned during years of consumer reporting is these well intended laws always have unintended consequences and often they are worse than the good the law does. do you own a business? if you do you better be in compliance with the ada. the americans with disablities act. here it is. the law and its rules are hundreds of pages long. it's all in here if you can understand sentences like letters and numbers on signs should have a width to height ratio between 3-5 and 1:1. also you have to check your doors. interior hinge doors must be 5ldf22.2n. do you know what that means? it turns out n stands for newton and newton is equal to kilograms times meters divide by 2
2:37 pm
squared. mirrors must be 74 inches high. spouts 36 inches. if it's an inch too high some guy can wreck your life by coming into your business and suing you. megyn: point taken. newton. i get that. it's the lawyers who are to blame for that kind of thing. but the bottom line is we were in a situation where the disabled were not being accommodated, where they couldn't get into even courthouses. there were no ramps. only stairs. they couldn't get into places of employment. so unfortunately a law had to be passed and it's being abused by some unscrupulous plaintiffs and lawyers don't mean the law itself is no good. >> the phrase, the law had to be passed, is lawyer think. they teach if you law school that everything can be fixed by passing a law.
2:38 pm
disabled people were accommodated anyway. but a private business that doesn't accommodate the disabled loses customers. they were doing it already. but the main unintended consequences, it was supposed to help disabled people find work. before the law was passed 59.8% of disabled men were in the workforce. after the law was passed it drops to 48 and 49. the employer said we want t hire able people who can do things. but now they are a lawsuit bomb. if i don't like them i can never fire them without probably getting a lawsuit. megyn: that's true of so many people in protected classes. people over 0, you are considered old if you are over 40. african-americans and other
2:39 pm
minorities considered protected class. gays, and lesbians. >> i think most people now are in some form of protected class except young white men. i'm protected. but you can't fire me. but all these laws have unintended consequences. i'll bet there are women who don't get hired just because of this law. we have data for disabled people. megyn: i will tell you having worked as a lawyer there are conversations that take place with employers considering employment decisions about how someone is potentially unfireable. if you have hire somebody who is a triple threat. they have preprotected class qualifications, over 40, they are disabled and they are a woman. it's going to be a lot harder to
2:40 pm
fire them than if they are a 30-year-old white guy. megyn: what is the solution of going back to the days when they weren't hiring women or people who were disabled. >> a business that doesn't hire women goes out of business because they lose good workers. a business that won't welcome female customers or black customers goes out of business. the word gets out. the market takes care of these things. colleges wanted to use kindles to save money on textbooks. the justice department sued them, said can't do that, it's unfair to blind people. blind students will say, give us some facility. read outloud. work it out. but these blanket rules kill many good things. megyn: once you get the lawyers involved things tend to go downhill.
2:41 pm
overaggressive lawyers who advertise on television and make a business out of finding people who didn't comply with the 1:1 ratio -- >> you are working here and not suing people. megyn: i was defending against these lawsuits. >> i take it back. megyn: you should. you can catch downon his own show "stossel" it airs thursday nights at 9:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. on the fox business network. a "kelly's court" debate you have got to see. police warned him. he didn't listen. the shock end to this video lands them all in "kelly's court." during the break you can go to live. click on our "on the docket" section and read up on the case before the gavel drops in "kelly's court" next. >> all of a sudden they showed
2:42 pm
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megyn: "kelly's court" is back in session. on the docket today, 50,000 volts for taking a stand in his own home. this wife called the paramedics who treated him, then took off. as they were leaving cops showed up insisting he needed to go to the hospital because they those was suicidal based on a comment he made. he says he was just tired and feeling the pain from his fall. telling the cops to get out of his house because he wants to go to bed. this is his response.
2:46 pm
>> stop resisting. stop resisting. stop resisting. stop resisting. stop resisting. i'll do it again. stop resisting. megyn: 64 years old. they arrested him. charged him with resisting arrest which was a charge that was later dropped. now he's suing claiming excessive force. let's ask our panel jonna spilbor and the cop knows the whole thing is being filmed because his $taser has the camera on it. was this excessive force? >> this is a slam dunk excessive force. why were the police inside this house?
2:47 pm
the emt comes, they parch up his boo-boos. if there was a reason to take this guy to the hospital they would have taken him to the hospital. because they had no business being there, they didn't have any business arresting him or tasing him. while he's on the ground wrighting in pain from 50,000 volts, the one officer keeps saying stop resisting. stop resisting what in the urge to die? you are killing me. megyn: 50,000 volts. megyn: you watch it as they are tasering the guy and he's screaming in pain, essence stop resisting, it sounds like a clear case of a cop trying to lay a foundation for his defense. >> not if you watch the whole tape. you have say he's 64 and you keep showing this clip over and over. that tape is 30 minutes long. i watched the tape. what happens is i'm here to say
2:48 pm
not some fast. it's easy to look at this and say this is excessive. we look at these variables the officers are faced with. realtime, they have to make a decision. we are sitting here comfortable at fox and we can pick him up and say was that reasonable or was that an immediate threat. when you watch the tape you see a fella, i don't know if he's intoxicated. he's slurring badly. he's hostile. megyn: i would be hostile, too, if the comes came into my house. >> the cops respond with poise and professionalism over and over and over again saying will you please cooperate. what does he do? he comes out of the chair -- i'm not going to cooperate, curses at them. at that moment does he have a weapon? do you know for sure it' not an immediate threat? you don't. megyn: that's where you have got to use your brain as a police
2:49 pm
officer. a 64-year-old guy. allegedly we want to take you to the hospital for an evaluation. you said if you had a gun you would shoot yourself in the head. it's not like he was threatening anybody else. he made a passing comments. but what write do the cops have to tase you three times in your own home because you make a comment about being unlapy, maybe want to go hurt yourself, then you say get out and i'm going to bed. >> if this guy were sitting on his own couch with a gun to his head, hayes away, but he's sitting there half drunk late at night and makes a comment like that. if i had a gun. if i had a pony -- but i don't. the point is he's sitting on his
2:50 pm
couch. he's obviously unarmed. >> obviously nothing. you weren't there. he's obviously unarmed. the guy is want to shoot myself in the head. he's drunk web's belligerent. he's saying all these things. one guy says it's been 10 minutes, he keeps telling us he's not going to cooperate. now he leaves. is it possible this man does have a weapon an does hurt somebody? now we are on this court talking about why did he leave in the guy was saying he was going to hurt somebody. the guy was hostile and cursing. the guy wanted to go to bed. his wife was right there. she is not saying you better take him. the wife is saying get out of the house. we'll deal with it in the morning. >> she loves him, that's it. megyn: good debate. interesting video. i will keep an open mind on this one until i know more about the police officer's defense.
2:51 pm
but from what i have seen so far i'm disturbed. a 64-year-old not hurting anybody other than making comments about hurting himself. a little compassion could have done some good here. more in a moment.
2:52 pm
2:53 pm
2:54 pm
megyn: an oregon man in hot water. police say he called 911 from a hot tub that was not his with a rather bizarre albeit sweet request. trace gallagher has the story from our west coast newsroom. >> reporter: the guy with the big eyes, he snuck into a hot tub in a hot tub outside of portland, oregon. he was in the tub for 10 hours.
2:55 pm
he got cold eventually. his towels were wet. so he called 911, say he he was the sheriff of washington county. the conversation was 9 minutes. we pulled the highlights. >> i have been in the hot tub for 9 hours and i cannot get anybody to stop and let me out. i have got no towels. can you get me out of here. >> somebody said they heard you talk about shooting somebody. >> i have got fingers so number even if i did have a gun i don't think i could hold on to it. >> somebody heard yelling. >> reporter: he did not get
2:56 pm
the hug or the hot chocolate. who spends 10 hours in a hot tub, for crying out loud. megyn: if i had a nickel for every time i did a 10 minute hot tub stint. >> reporter: wine, music, a little hug. he got arrested fortress passing. megyn: he's weirdly loveable as blago and he will be acquitted. >> reporter: he will be on student year b. captioning made possible by fox news network and aleve was proven to work better on pain than tylenol 8 hour. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? good, how are you? [ male announcer ] aleve. proven better on pain.
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